About Us

Company Profile

Incorporated in the year 2008 in C. V. Raman Nagar, Bangalore, Diagnostic Affair is a service provider engaged into Consultation Specialization, Digital X-Ray, Laboratory Services, Special Services (Religare Laboratories), and Ultra Sound Scan. Within the first year itself, we addressed the requirements standardized pathology tests, because of which we became a franchisee of Super Religaire Laboratories. The patients’ volumes grew rapidly, after which we brought various medical specialists and consultants; administer vaccines, etc serving the needs of the patients. These included Physiotherapists, Dermatologists, General Physicians, ENT specialists, Gynecologists, Optholmologists, Pediatricians, etc.

Our next step was adding another building where three more machines were added to the clinic: 4D Ultrasound Machine, ECG, and Digital Dental OPG X-ray Machine. Also, we carried out minor OPD procedures (in Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, and more).

Our consultant doctors hold senior positions within varied primary healthcare centers and reputed hospitals within and around Bangalore. The clinic has highly experienced nurses, staff and sub staff, and also the medical teams is supported by latest technology in Digital OPG, 4D Scan, Lab procedures.

Advanced Facility:

We have all the facilities required for carrying out Digital X-Ray, Ultra Sound Scan, Consultation Specialization, Special Services (Religare Laboratories), and Laboratory Services. At Diagnostic Affair, we have installed advanced medical machineries and have all the chemicals, containers, equipments, etc that are required for different types of testing and for deriving reports. Modern technology is used for creating the reports so that no possibility of any flaws is there at all.

In addition we have qualified staff working at Diagnostic Affair, the members of which are well-trained and skilled within their respective jobs. They ensure that all the assigned jobs are carried out with extreme precision and care. Even, they are trained from time to time for the new technology machines to ensure smooth operations.

Also, we have taken immense care of hygiene so that test samples remain don’t get spoil or contaminated by external facto

Excellent & Prompt Services:

Diagnostic Affair imparts prompt and effective services for maximum satisfaction for patients in terms of reports making, and for doctors in terms of diagnosis. At our diagnostic center patients are diagnosed with care and expertise, and our services are provided at reasonable expenses.

The diagnosis reports are provided immediately or at the earliest according to the type of tests performed. We provide immediate X-ray, ultra sound, and other reports to the patients so that they can consult the doctor at the earliest. Our precise diagnosis services have been accepted and appreciated by several doctors giving us a reliable position.

Why Rely On Us?
  1. Advanced Technology Equipped
  2. Reliable & Precision Reports
  3. Accurate Diagnosis
  4. Qualified Doctors/Support Staff
  5. Convenient appointments
  6. Images over film/CD for OPG and ultrasound
  7. Timely reports
  8. Extremely Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
  9. Transparency in testing
  10. Knowledgeable and Friendly staff
  11. Over 3 years of Exceptional Patient Care

We provide our services at reasonable expenses providing patients with precise diagnosis reports. We conduct the tests in accordance to set testing procedures and laboratory standards, and maintain extreme hygiene at the facility